About Us

Creating a service that makes experiencing Kathmandu both convenient and enriching for travelers.

The commute in Kathmandu is not the most convenient. Travelers have long been relying on tourist buses and hotel services for commuting in Kathmandu. However, it can be expensive and troublesome. In order to bridge this gap, we have come up with the concept of CityHopin.

City Hopin offers a hop-in and hop-out service for travelers who want to experience Kathmandu in the most authentic and convenient way. We will have stops in different locations from where the travelers hop in, and our buses will pick them up from wherever fits the easiest for them. Along with the bus service, we will also have designated tourist guides available so that they can learn about the history, culture, and stories of the city whilst exploring different places.

CityHopin can become a go-to service for travelers who are looking for the best way to move around in the city and experience the diversity and grandiosity of Kathmandu.

A gateway from convention into an authentic experience!

Uncover the mysteries of Kathmandu with an all-day tour around the city and its surrounding valleys, blanketed by greenery, and wrapped around in a cool embrace of snowcapped peaks.
Step 1. Book a Date

It might not be your big day, but it is your day to fall in love with Kathmandu City! Book a tour date in the form below, and give us your details. Our team will contact you for the confirmation and payment.

Step 2. Save the ticket

Once we receive a payment from you, you will get a confirmation email. The email will contain a ticket that you will be needing when you hop in!

Step 3. Hop In

What now? Hop in! Our vehicle with a guide will arrive to pick you up! You can hop in from your nearest pickup point! We will inform you about the route in advance, don’t worry!

Step 4. Hop Off

You can hop off in all or your preferred destinations and enjoy your time there. You can opt for our guides to show you around, or do it on your own. Kathmandu is yours to explore!